Meet the Massena twins, the models who came from Bahia

Hi folks, we are Suzana and Suzane Massena, born in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, where we live with our family.



We got interested in modeling after our sister Suellen Massena was invited by an agency. We watched carefully her steps into this industry and we enjoyed a lot! We used to wear her shoes to practice our walking down the catwaks. And she really didn´t know about our interest!




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In our first test, the producer liked our look. We weren´t approved because we were too young, but we didn´t give up.
And here we are, doing our best to be sucessful in this industry!
Best thing about modeling is meeting new people, places and cultures around the world.
Posing to photographers
It´s really cool when we work as a real teamwork. Before every shooting we use to strike a pose in front of the mirror. Nothing like working with someone whom we really trust. We have a sinergy We just let it flows and the pics turn out great! Believe us, we have lots of fun

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The catwalks: funny and unusual backstages´moments!

Hahahahah, u guys can imagine twin sisters walking down the catwalk, lots of cool and unusual moments always happen simply because we are twins! Once in Salvador my sister Suzana would walk for 3 brands and me (Suzane) 4 brands almost at same time. When I was walking down for the third brand, all my crew realized that would not take time to me for changing clothes for the next show. The producer was really desperate and the solution came in a cool way: my sister took my place in that show and nobody noticed that hahahahahah!
The Masseras´ style
We like to follow trends, but we got our own style, we enjoy comfortable and basic clothes. Fashion reflects our mood too

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Imagine u girls famous twin models surrounded by a huge crowd!
We would try to stay calm and talk to all our fans, but if the situation gets wild, I think we would go out running.
Fame and the most important things for their lives
Fame is a result of a good and professional job, and if it happens someday we´ll deal it with a natural way
Most important things for their lives
Family: always around us
Humility: to keep our feet on the ground and always respect the human being
Faith: it gives us strenght to go ahead and never give up on our dreams
Balance: wise to face and solve the problems

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Loving x Dating
The extreme ones!
Atracting someone´s attention
Just being ourselves


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Having fun, enjoying life
Chilling out with our buddies, beach and skating
Fav body part
In their Ipods
The old cool Reggae (Natiruts – ‘Liberdade pra dentro da cabeça’
Acarajé, the food from Bahia!

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If u girls weren´t models, u´d be…
Something related to fashion, for sure or an ice skater
And that´s all folks! Thanks for having us World of Models Family! We are now focusing on our international modeling career and also we intend to take an university course.
The Massena Twins



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